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Then you will truly appreciate the quality of the Diane Balit collection.

Are you looking for original watches that have unique charm? Each watch has an enamel face, hand-painted with a Diane Balit signature design.

You can choose from a wide array of watches for women and men. Depending on your preference you can select one of the following face styles: triangular, rectangular, round, oval or eye-shaped. Our straps and bracelets will also catch your eye thanks to their shape, colour and quality materials. Each watch is personally signed by the artist to ensure its authenticity.

Time goes by so quickly… make every moment count with an exclusive Diane Balit watch.


Canadian watch designer Diane Balit opens new shop

St. Maarten – Diane Balit will open up her new designer watch shop on Front Street on Tuesday December 10. At this moment the shop is already open, but the official opening will be on December 10.

The shop sells watches that Diane has designed herself. All the watches have a theme mainly focused on St. Maarten. Diane is a Canadian from Quebec and she has been involved in watch design for quite some time. To be more precisely she started her company in 1985, but is involved in watch design since 1976. Her workshop is still located in Quebec, but at this moment she is on St. Maarten to manage the new store.

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